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Hessdalen, Norway

When I began to dig my heels into UFO research, I quickly learned that there were very few public attempts to utilize the scientific method to study the unknown. To make matters worse, it became clear that there was a vested interest in steering the narrative and stifling attempts to garner the funding needed for genuine research. There was however, a shining light in the dismal world of pushing boundaries. That beacon of light emanated from a small, blue container nestled atop a hill in the Hessdalen Valley. That light also emanated from the brave and committed researchers involved in Project, Hessdalen, the world's most important and progressive attempt to study anomalous light phenomena. 


As I studied research and fostered relationships with other-minded researchers in the United States, I was shocked to learn that virtually no one in the states understood the importance of Project Hessdalen. It was at this point that I made it my mission to travel to Hessdalen to document Project Hessdalen and to learn from not only Professor Erling Strand, one of the researchers instrumental in starting this research project 35 years ago but the witnesses and students at Otsfold College. 


October of 2017, I made the journey to Hessdalen, Norway to visit the epicenter of the world's most important scientific study on anomalous light phenomena. I am sharing this work with you in the hopes that you will learn that science can and must be utilized to study the unknown. I am sharing this with you to introduce you witnesses and researchers who worked together to change the world. 

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